DuckDuckGo Unveils New Windows Browser - SR139

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I honestly don’t understand the point of making a new browser when it doesn’t rival the Tor, Mullvad, and Brave browsers.

That’s why FOSS browsers, messengers, and other stuff are oversaturated. There are countless options, and most of them aren’t even worth considering because they don’t really bring anything new to the table.

Well I’d argue that it is different if there are a lot of “privacy friendly” browser vs messengers, with messengers the problem is that they don’t work together but every browser can use every website or would you complain that there are too many email, matrix, mastodon, … clients?
And yes the DDG browser doesn’t bring anything new to the table but its more likely that “normies” will find and use it and will find features like the duck player (basically invidious or piped) or their email aliasing service.

Is it something for you? most likely not
Would it be good if normies switch to it like they already do on their phones? absolutely yes

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A quiet week in the privacy/security world is probably a good thing. About the UPS story and real looking phishing emails/sms the best thing you can do is just never click the links in the email/sms. If you’re unsure about something just go directly to the actual site of the service and see from there.

The last section I think is an important thing for everyone to hear. I personally support a bunch of creators but for some reason Techlore/SR has fallen through the cracks for me. Obviously words here are empty without action, but I’m going to actually take the time to look into supporting and I think anyone else who has the ability to should as well.


Re the discussion about YouTube and front ends at the end of the podcast…

I just wanted to mention how I use YouTube - I don’t have an account and follow my favourite channels via RSS in a reader that natively blocks ads. I also use an ad blocker (of course) that blocks YouTube ads etc if I open them in the browser. I assume there is no tracking or data collection this way, maybe I am wrong?

Also do most people download podcasts to listen to them? That is always the metric creators mention as a gauge for popularity and success. I personally never download and only stream them. So there are probably a lot more listens than creators may think if they only track downloads.

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Agree with you here, more competition is seldom a bad thing, but especially in regards to browsers being a different ballgame to messengers.
Also yes, DDG seems to have made enough of a dent with some admittedly excellent marketing and advertising to be on the radar of some normies. It’s easy for us to get critical, and split hairs about what this browser DOESN’T do, but I’d much rather people use this over Chrome/Edge.

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