DuckDuckGo Email protection

I wanted to know you guys views on DuckDuckGo Email protection feature. would it be a good idea to combine it with proton mail? i know that DDG is based in the US, but does that make any difference?

i can’t speak for everyone here but based on what I’ve read so far, most would think to use only Protonmail without any additional services like duckduckgo.

who knows? maybe someone would think differently.

Why use DDG Email Protection, over its competitors? Both SimpleLogin and AnonAddy are open source, with decent free tiers. They’re also well established, and have good integrations with other services like Bitwarden, and Proton. Not to mention some of the controversy DDG went through with their MicroSoft deal.

As far as I can tell, the biggest draw is the ability to block pixel tracking. Though, that’s a feature potentially coming to both SL and AA. Even then, some email services already do this, like Protonmail. It’s why some formatting, and images do not load, on that service. Making this feature redundant for many in the community.


If it is only to protect from tracking, there is no need to. ProtonMail has it as well. For managing aliases and forwarding, etc it could be an option. But you could as well use SimpleLogin or Anonaddy for that.

To use DuckDuckGo email protection you should use their browser on the Mobil phone and their extension on the desktop browser or their browser on beta… it’s difficult to have a real use case if you are not a big fan… and it’s difficult to be a big fan.

I find it too hard to deactivate aliases in DDG, I much prefer how SimpleLogin and AnonAddy work

one question, can u create unlimited aliases with those 2?

Not for free. Although I personally haven’t had any issues with alias amounts

Proton blocks trackers by default so there is absolutely no need to add other parties to your email game

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I tried it but didn’t like email protection being tied to their browser, it was literally “too many eggs in the DuckDuckGo basket” (1) search engine (2) browser (3) email protection (4) tracker identification. That combined with some of the recent controversies made sticking with AnonAddy an easy decision for me.

I’ve also tried the aforementioned SimpleLogin but, the AnonAddy Lite plan was a better fit for me. I’ve never tried it but, I’ll mention Firefox Relay here as well for general awareness of options to consider.

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