Duckduckgo app tracking not working with private dns

Was using DDG app tracking on my android and was very happy. Learnt about nextdns and thought of using that with proton vpn.

Despite trying several filter lists(oisd, hagezi etc.), I found that the number of tracking requests blocked was nowhere near what DDG was managing.

So, I sacrificed my vpn(I’m dumb) and enabled DDG, kept the nextdns as is. Only to find, DDG stopped blocking trackers entirely. WHY?

As I understand, any tracker that slips past DDG should hopefully be blocked by nextdns. Why does DDG not work with nextdns? It doesn’t work with control d either

I think because Android prioritizes the Private DNS set up by the user (in this case NextDNS) and that NextDNS already blocks the trackers before DDG, same thing with Control D. With NextDNS or ControlD, there’s no need for DDG App Tracking Protection.

I wish I didn’t need DDG but as I said, DDG blocks in an hour blocks a few hundred(sometimes thousands) trackers, whereas nextdns with several lists manages about… well less
I’m in a genuine conundrum, a quandary if you will:)

I think it is a conflict between the DDG app and NextDNS so you have to decide to choose one or the other. I prefer to use NextDNS because we have more control + added features like Google Safe Browsing or typosquatting protection

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Yeah… I guess.
Don’t forgot we get a vpn
Screw ddg

Also, DDG uses the Android’s VPN slot so you cannot combine it with a VPN.

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