Drive encryption that can look generic

I remember one of the Surveillance Report podcasts mentioning a whole drive encryption program that could leave the encrypted drive looking like random data, “even in presence of the program”. I can’t seem to find it, but it would’ve been in one in the past few months. Does anyone recall the name? I think the name had something to do with food.

Also, can this or something like it be used to encrypt an OS boot drive?

I’m not sure which encryption was mentioned in the Surveillance Report but, after perusing the documentation for my favorite encryption (VeraCrypt), it will do what you are looking for. It looks like random data.

I remembered it. ShuffleCake. I was just wanting to mess with it. Realized it was a different podcast though.

You can do thah with LUKS.

Check their manpage/a tutorial, I don’t remember the options right now.