Download nsa spyware maby

Hi I download (the zip file) throe GitHub but visited their website first Ghidra in a Windows 11 vm I delete the vm about 5 minutes after download the zip ghidra. My host system is an Ubuntu based distro. Do I need to be worried abut it being compromised

I didn’t install ghidra on the vm, I opened the zip file and visited their website

Personally, I think you have no need to worry, but only you can fully make that assessment. I have to ask though, why do you think downloading ghidra would compromise your system? Is it not just open source software that happens to be published by the NSA? Nevertheless, you just downloaded the zip in a VM, so you shouldn’t worry.

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If I’m not mistaken, NSA made ghidra because they wanted a tool tailored to their use cases that IDA didn’t fit perfectly.
And yea, there’s no benefit they would have from backdooring their own software that they themselves use.

As a Fedora user, which uses SELinux…I guess I’m fucked.


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