Does Using UserAgentChanger compromise fingerprint protection in Brave?

Does Using UA-Changer compromise fingerprint protection in Brave?
Im using Linux but I don’t want to be unique.
I use User Agent Switcher And Manager.

Interesting question :thinking:

I only know that it cause a LOT of problems. Usually with websites using Cloudflare and with online payments. (I use Random User-Agent Switcher.)

I don’t think it’s needed to use a UA switcher as most of the times your true one can be found and it would be another useless extension that fingerprints you even more.

Keep it minimal : )

Over on I check fingerprint values:
This is with UA switcher on:

And this is when off:

My question is, how does extensions presence increase fingerprinting?

Those Fingeprint sites are not reliable, try Reference to how extensions do increase fingerprinting. is scary. If you try that you realize in how dystopic world we live in and it’s almost nothing you can do.

I think I do quite A LOT compare to an average person regarding the privacy, but it was almost impossible for me to beat the site and to keep some reasonable level of working flow :frowning_face:

I can’t find where to check my fingerprint on that site, could you give me the instructions?

Check the ID. And then try to restart browser or something. The ID will be probably the same …

Sure, when you go on the site, scroll a bit to ‘Live Demo’ and there you can see it

Wow, didn’t expect to be unique on Vanadium.
On the desktop, it still showed that my OS was Windows
Even when I removed my UserAgent extension ID did not change, I’m curious how it works.
This site didn’t work on Mullvad Browser even with Stanadart security level, though.

I found this on more information about device identifiers. Oh and also, this test I provided works on Mullvad browser, and changing security levels change ID.

So, is it better if I keep UA changer or dump it?
Is there a difference if ID is the same but OS changes in results?
Thank you for your answers.