Does having private cell service even matter?

I got Silent Link a few days ago. It’s working fine, but I realized something:

My phone can still be tracked as I’m going to public places with surveillance cameras (like banks) with my phone on. I know I’m not going to bother to turn my phone off every single time I go outside, so does it even matter if I use a normal phone provider with KYC?

Forgot to add this, but using a more mainstream telecom company will be way cheaper.

It depends on who you are hiding from, but I personally don’t think it’s worth the extra cost.

You can buy the sim with crypto, which gives you anonymity to the point that no company can obtain your identity though the phone company records. It’s never going to protect you from a government agency looking for you, they can cross-reference all calls made to the phone, triangulate your location, etc.

I just have two unlisted numbers, my personal number and one I can give out / use online. It’s not the most private solution, but it’s cheap and enough for my needs.

So do you use ‘normal’ cell companies? Or did you get your number anonymously?

I use a normal company, with unlisted numbers. I have not had any issue with the numbers being searchable online, but I never use my personal online and only use the other number if there is no other choice.

How do you get an unlisted number? Is it a special process?

It was an option when I bought the numbers.

Maybe it’s different in other countries, but it could select if the numbers would be allowed in phone books, and if it’s possible to get my identity by calling the phone company, I just opted out of both.

Ah. Since my phone is prepaid, I signed up using a fake name. That should remedy any issues that come with being in a phone book, right?

It also didn’t ask for my address. (IIRC)

It wouldn’t work in my country, even prepaid sims need to be registered with valid identification, but it might work in your country.

My intentions is to change my contract number through Verizon after some goals are met. All effort to remove any PII related to that number has been removed and or considered. All accounts related to that number have been edited to a new number, or the account has to be deleted for some reason you could not change the number.
My point is to consider the consequences of your actions of getting a less private number. How difficult will it be to fix mistakes.
I have had the same number for 10 years and there is no benefit that I see for having one for so long. I look back at one mistake after another.

I intend to keep a Verizon account for data. I am using a dual SIM phone with a Mint Mobile eSIM, which I use for calls where I can (T-Mobile service area) and for text. I purchase the eSIM with a masked credit card no PII just IMEI regular stuff. I also have a masked phone through IronVest. That is 3 nunbers just to make normal phone calls through.

My family and friends already know I am a nut job and they can handle i get a new phone number frequently. Some in the inner circle will get my new Verizon number for emergencies.

I am looking back at MySudo, TextNow and other services as it has been a couple years since I used them and that was mainly for anonymous Signal numbers. Any similar service I am using a second or third phone.