Does downloading Firefox with Winget include the download token?

Will I get the unique download token, if I install firefox using winget?

If the picture does not show it goes as follows:

“Firefox includes a unique download token in downloads from Mozilla’s website and uses telemetry in Firefox to send the token. The token is not included in releases from the Mozilla FTP.”

I did not find any clear answer about this doing a quick search in the forum and using online searches.

My threat model is low.

Great question. I would say that the token is not included since it is only on the Mozilla’s website.

Edit: Well, I made some testing and WinGet downloads Firefox from the same server as the Mozilla’s website takes from ( so I think the token is included.

Yes, from my understanding winget gets it from the same source. That is why I think it does, but i’m not sure. Thank you for the insite :smiling_face:

Afaik, Any installer that downloads directly from Mozilla sever/cdn will include the token. My understanding is that the only way to circumvent this is by downloading from some 3rd party site that hosts the installer (which i personally would never do) or download from Mozilla HTTPS repo.

Edit: I believe this token is disabled if the telemetry is set to off in regular Firefox settings. But if a user does not even want it included then downloading through their repo is the only option.

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