Does disabling google play services in stock type 1 (Samsung) android completely remove google tracking?

I have disabled all google apps on my device including google play services, can google still track me?

If you can still use the Google Play Store, than Google Play services are still running. If even then is gone, then you might be in the clear, but I would also be interested in how you did it. Normally what people do to escape Google Play services on Android is to use a custom ROM.

I disabled google play store before I disabled the google play services so I can’t really tell by that, but I get notifications telling me samsung location services won’t work without google play services so I’m pretty confident it is disabled.

You can disable it by going into its app settings page and pressing disable in the bottom left. If you can’t find google play services in settings install the exodus app and search for google play services and press the settings icon and disable. I also can’t use a ROM because my phone isn’t supported on the vast majority of ROMs.