Does anyone use VOIP/Virtual numbers?

i have been trying to look for a provider for a while now and it’s hard trying to find some that are available for Australia. i found a excellent provider called “conXhub” but i can’t tell if it’s real or fake or trustable. i will add their website:

Had a quick look, the website looks a bit old-fashioned but no obvious issues with the service.

Most services probably operate in similar ways, but assume the following if you decide to use it:

  • They can hear your calls
  • They record your calls (and store the recordings permanently)
  • They can read your texts
  • They sell all the data they have
  • All data they have will be public (e.g. through data breach)

Again, they may not do any of those things, but there is no way to tell.

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Thanks Alex,
i will also have a read of their privacy policy policy as well.