Does Anyone Use a Collection of Messengers and Not Support SMS?

After pressuring my SMS friend to use Signal (which finally worked when I gave her an ultimatum by giving her a notice that I have pretty much wrecked SMS to the point it is highly unreliable and unusable), I am really happy that I no longer support the antiquated Short Messaging Service whatsoever. Even those insecure 2FA SMS codes go through a Google Voice, which I never use for calls.

On the side, I asked my friend how she likes Signal so far. And she absolutely loves it! She complained that adding Signal complicates things before, but it seems that turned out to not happen.

So now, for daily interactions, I mainly use iMessage, Signal, and WhatsApp. I visualize my trio in a triangle, where Signal is at the top, and iMessage and WhatsApp are under Signal. I still support iMessage and WhatsApp as that is what everyone else mainly uses. It’s that I neither accept SMS messages nor send SMS messages.

This makes me wonder: how do the cybersecurity and digital privacy communities view the concept of people supporting more than one messenger? Yes, in a highly idealistically perfect world, everyone would use Signal. But even in that situation, wouldn’t it be a wise idea to add an excellent add-on to Signal (like Briar, Matrix, and Session)?

Funny Thought: In light of this green bubble-only and blue bubble-only brawl, I ultimately chose to shoot at both by prescribing this 3-messenger route. Someone should make a meme with the blue fighting green and black demon image where blue says iMessage, green says SMS, and the black demon strikes at both saying “Signal” or similar. Wait, does that meme already exist?