Does anyone know why Proton drive is not having an F-droid respiratory?

I thought alot about the best cloud drive service to have my trust and have a good amount of free gigabytes for a free user because my currency is not doing very well which make paying for a such services a great pressure on my money, Anyway I was shocked that Proton drive doesn’t have and F-droid respiratory and only available on google play so i have some questions

1 - Is it safe to use Proton drive downloaded from google play?

2 - Is Proton drive up-to-date or it is old thing on github with no updates in the code?

3 - If Proton drive is not worthy so what is the best alternative??

P.s Nextcloud is great but the servers host it is not so trusted for me like why should i trust them mor than google for example?!! And selfhosting in my country is not an option cause it is so expensive.

Thanks for reading all of this and iam waiting your answers

It’s probably the same reason as other Proton apps, they used Google services for notifications.

Should be fine to install it though a Google Play front-end.

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Proton Drive mobile apps have only just been released so they may appear on F-Droid in the future.

It’s unsafe to download stuff from FDroid. Ass for why it’s not on Fdroid-it’s probably because of Proton doesn’t want to. Either way, use Google Play Store to get your required apps.

Actually, the Proton Drive android app is NOT open source (anymore). The github repository for the app is archived and wasnt commited to for at least one year, while the app in the Play Store got its last update 10 days ago.

Correct me if Im wrong.

Proton states that all of their apps are open-source, and that it is their commitment. Since Proton Drive apps are very new they most likely are in the process of uploading the source code onto GitHub. If you contact Proton support they should give you a more concrete answer.

They don’t publish their development cycle, which is pretty standard, you only get the code for the releases.

I don’t know if there has been any development after the beta release of the android client, I can’t remember any new features being added.

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