Does anyone here actually use Silent Link?

If so, how are data speeds? I’m aware of the privacy benefits, but is the data fast/unlimited for example? How’s browsing, internet browsing, and such? Just curious as there’s not a lot of info out there. It seems like a service that everyone recommends, but nobody uses it, and those who do don’t talk about it.

It seems like there’s very little info about it even on their website with regards to everyday use.

When you are using an eSIM provider like SilentLink your phone is set to roaming and uses whatever carrier is available at the time. Your speeds don’t really depend on SilentLink but to whatever carrier your phone is connected at a given time.

For example, I do use SilentLink in Europe for quite a while and I usually have a solid 4G connection with no issues. I don’t use it all the time because at home I keep my phone in airplane mode and just rely on WiFi. When I’m outside though I usually don’t have any problems.

Okay that’s awesome I didn’t understand that! Thank you!