Does anyone have used JuicySMS?

Recently I discover JuicySMS they call themself :

" The best SMS verification service"

It allow you to pay a very cheap price for getting a SMS verification instantly for Telegram, Google, Tinder and more !
They accepts bitcoin and Monero as a payment method and only require an e-mail adress for registration.
You need to send minimum 3$ to your balance and have only US, UK and NE numbers and thoses can vary with the service you want.

Looks almost too good to be true but also kinda legit…

Take a look at SMS Pool. Even cheaper, they’ve got more countries and afaik actually legit


Thanks, I see that they also support Monero that’s awesome !

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I think @xbdm knows the owner.

The service is listed as verified at so it should be safe to use.

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