Do you use AltStore on iOS?

I just assume that a good amount of android users here have already used and explored the F-Droid App Store with its cool FOSS app alternatives.

But what do you think about its digital counterpart on iOS? Have you ever used AltStore before and if so what apps were you rockin’ on your system?
In what areas would you see the shortcomings/benefits of AltStore?


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AltStore is neat, I used it previously to try UTM and once to try a jailbreak (unc0ver I think?), but I don’t use it right now. Pretty much the only thing app stores like this are useful for are emulators, since essentially every other FOSS (or otherwise) iOS app developer is just releasing on the App Store, so I don’t really have a need for it.

The obvious limitations are just the ones Apple imposes, mainly the 7 day validity requiring you constantly re-check-in with AltServer. I do also dislike how very basic functionality is withheld to Patrons only.

Maybe Epic Games should release Fortnite on AltStore :laughing: