Do I really *need* to use crypto?

I’m some kid living in the middle of nowhere who nobody cares about - My point being I’m not a super important target.

I don’t think I need cryptocurrencies. What are some arguments for its use?

It sounds like you don’t have to worry about it based on your threat model. I’m in a similar boat. It seems like there’s a lot you should learn about how crypto works in order to use it correctly, privately, securely, and without funkiness with the IRS (if you live in the US). And even then it depends on whether you can buy what you want to buy with the crypto.

I am also open to hearing arguments that work for simpler threat models.

In my opinion, if you want a quick private payment method, cash is the way to go for things you can purchase in person (which you should do if possible). For online, I feel like the only thing you’d need would be to buy some gift cards for whatever bank you want to buy stuff with.


Monero if you can for online since imo it’s not terribly complicated, but otherwise yes cash-bought throwaway gift cards are great :slight_smile:

Don’t use Monero it’s great, but it’s almost impossible* to get easily & privately. The advice varies on how to get it and you’ll hear different methods from different people. But I really don’t suggest it for your case it’s difficult to master and difficult to teach to family and friends. Offline: Use cash or a non-reloadable prepaid card it’s important that it’s non-reloadable because reloadable one’s often require ID checks which we want to avoid. Online: is decent for some online privacy coincidentally a non-reloadable card can be used here and, gift cards can be used too. I myself still haven’t figured out how to buy Monero privately so personally I wouldn’t bother unless you have some money to play with. Last thing to note Privacy does require ID checks for KYC/AML purposes so take that into consideration when making your decision. I hope this helped.

When the sh*t hits the fan you’ll be glad you have privacy Crypto and/or precious metals.

I don’t like crypto. Most are terrible for the environment and not accepted in many places. I think cash is a better option if you need a level of anonymity

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Cash seems to be the way to go for your threat model. Buy Vanilla pre-paid “credit cards” at Walmart for online purchases. (assuming they’re still available; I haven’t bought one for over a year)

No you don’t need crypto. Cash is private enough.

Please refrain from using crypto.