Do I need a VPN in Europe?

In America, ISPs can sell your data but in Europe they are limited by GDPR.
Using a VPN is pretty annoying for me because I live in a small country and almost no VPNs have servers here. Connection is slow, I’m constantly getting websites in other languages and I can’t access sites like local news which block IPs from other countries.
I use mobile internet so my IP changes over time. My connection is already encrypted with https and I use alternative DNS server (AdGuard).

I encourage you to read “Are VPN’s really useful?” by @mazer and the discussion on Privacy Guides.

TL;DR: For most people, only use a VPN if you actively distrust your ISP. Tor will go a lot farther than a VPN for protecting your privacy if that is your primary goal. Religiously using HTTPS‑only mode mitigates any security concerns in particular.