DNS and DNS leak test

If I am using Quad9 dns. The DNS is leaked ? I didn’t understand what is dnsleaktest.com for ? If I am using dns of Quad9, How it is differs from dns of my ISP ? When I test my dns on dnsleaktest.com. It shows some ip addresses along with locations where those server is located ?

The ip showed in the test is that of the dns server and the location shows the region where the dns server was located .
A dns leak is a term referred to when while using a VPN service, the dns queries doesn’t go through the VPN tunnel and instead uses your dns servers near your isp server rather than near your vpn server.
A vpn service is supposed to route the dns queries too through its vpn tunnel ,to prevent any data leaks to the isp about the traffic of the user.
In your case i am not sure whether you are using a vpn or not. If yes , check if the IP of the dns server shows somewhere near to the region where your vpn server is located.
I hope this will clear it.
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