Diving Into The World of Open Source Note-Taking! - (Notesnook Interview)

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original idea

My note taking circles back to the note book in my shirt pocket.

Notes and task generate usually in handwritten reviews and task scheduling. Migrate to AmpleNotes either as a jot to research or evolve into a note with research. These notes are used to generate task which or scheduled in the calendar. The task go back to my notebook to be worked on through my days.

Notion is used for databases, forms, spreadsheet type notes and a calendar.

Notes in general which become documents, move to MarkDown which, I have been using Obsidian. Once again everything goes back to the notebook in my pocket as a task to refine those docs.

Hand writing notes is a feature that I hear people want, but I do not use. One feature I use which I do not hear people talking about is voice to text. One of the only apps that work for me that I found is Voice to text

I made this comment in AmpleNote as a note to research options after I post this comment I will link to this comment in Amplenote to follow up.

@henry I just wanted to thank you personally for this interview because Notesnook is magic and I love it.

I have been looking for a privacy-focused open source note taking app for a couple of months now to replace Obsidian. Nothing wrong with Obsidian, especially on desktop, but I was looking to replace the functionality that I had with Google Keep. With Google Keep I knew that I could keep notes on my phone and pick them up anywhere I go, including fleshing them out further when I got home.

Obsidian has a stellar desktop app and a comparatively powerful Android app, but if I wanted sync, I would either have to pay for it (which I didn’t want that bad), set it up with a cloud storage provider, or use Syncthing. None of these options were as tidy as I was used, so I looked for other options.

Joplin seems fine, but they do that markdown thing of giving you one pane to type in and another to see the text. I’ll put up with that in Discourse, but it sucks to see it in an app especially when Obsidian handles the formatting right in one pane. Then the Android app made it worse because I would have to open the note and then hit a button to edit the note. Nah man. And you want me to pay $20 a year for cloud storage? I don’t begrudge the business, but it was a hard sell.

I considered Standard Notes, but I think the cost was prohibitive.

So what’s the dealio with Notesnook?

First, the UI is great. Clean, slick, smooth, and no bugs. Also the UI looks like a real deal finished note-taking app and it support markdown input, though it won’t let you format live like in Obsidian. While I’ll miss that functionality, coming from Google Keep I am still getting way more formatting options than before.

It also works great on Linux and Android, with the apps looking consistent and with the same features as far as I can tell. It also comes with a web app! Open source web app? What the heck? Yes, Standard Notes has this too and you can try it, but so does Notesnook, only the whole thing is free and can be used right then and there without an account.

But you want to know the secret sauce? The thing that put me over? Unlimited syncing of notes between devices at the free tier. Not cloud storage. Syncing. But because the devices are unlimited, it’s functionally the same thing as having it in the cloud! Furthermore with the web view, I can comfortably access my notes from any computer by just quickly signing in, something I love and miss about cloud based workflows.

It’s Google Keep without the middle man. I love this app so much. Henry, I don’t know how this happened, but thank you for doing this interview so that I could learn about this hidden gem that needs way more attention not just from the privacy space, but from the productivity space as well.


Ayy thanks for the kind words! Just forwarded your comment along to Abdullah :stuck_out_tongue: Glad the service resonated with you so much!