Disvover Card Online Privacy Protection

I just got an email from Discover Card.

Disvover Card Online Privacy Protection

Online Privacy Protection is offered by Discover Bank at no cost and only available in the mobile app. Approximately every 90 days we will scan for your online personal information at 10 select people search sites and submit opt-out requests on your behalf. Types of personal information found on these sites will vary and may include your name, age, address, phone number and email address.

I use a paid service now, for Discover Card members this might be an option.

With the paid service I have to pump them full of information: every email address I have used, any name associations etc.

Do you trust your credit card company to hand over this data to some other company to perform this task.

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If you’re looking at a credit card, their extra “features” should come secondary. Look at fees, interest rates, and so on. Just because they offer something, that doesn’t mean that’s it’s going to be good. Speaking of…

  1. What “popular people search index” are they looking at?
  2. Are there any that they’re whitelisting?
  3. Are they just going after their competition (non-affiliates)?
  4. It’s only available in the app, so what data are they harvesting through the app?

If you’re going to use a data deletion/removal service, go with one that has a positive reputation. Not a company that’s likely harvesting your data themselves.

All good points. I use DeleteMe and I am down to 6 services, two are whitepages that have my info. I use the Discover Card to pay DeleteMe!

I wouldn’t recommend getting a new card to get this service,

I wouldn’t provide any information than what Discover already knows, if I was going to use that service.

This is what I was thinking. If you’re already using Discover and you trust them, because you kind of already do for your financial transactions, this could be a good way to start getting more privacy from these data brokers while not have to trust a new third party. Discover likely already has this information.

The kicker would be whether you’re allowing Discover to do more with your data than they already do. Maybe they don’t do nothing now and don’t need you to approve any of their uses for your data, but if that tradeoff does exist specifically for this feature, that would be something you’d want to know. I’m thinking this is similar to using a Google account. You think it’s fine until you find out exactly how far Google goes to collect your data, and then it’s creepy in part because you didn’t know what you actually agreed to.

These data brokers you can opt out of yourself, basically just have public data. I had such a large foot print, I will continue to use DeleteMe. Say down the road all I am seeing is the same old public data popping up, I could say OK I’m paying for nothing.

I would consider using this Discover option depending on the feedback I got. Still I would only use one email as a search option and it would be the email Discover knows from my account, or any email Discover discovers (see what I did there :slight_smile: )

Say you account information at Discover was all sandboxed and only your name was the same. You don’t use that false information any where else. Hopefully you would be a ghost and this service would reveal your fake profile at Discover has been compromised.