Disposable mail

There are many disposable mail services, but what are the best privacy respecting options among them? Or are they all good?

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In my opinion, they’re all fine for privacy. But anyways, you should not be using disposable mail for sensitive/personal emails. They’re meant to mitigate spam emails. Some common ones are: 10minutemail, guerrila mail, maildrop, temp mail.

They’re all fine for privacy, just open them up in Tor browser, and make sure the emails you receive on there are don’t contain any sensitive or personal data about you.


SimpleLogin and AnonAddy are great, reputable options.


What you can also do is use a custom domain on for example Simplelogin. That way you can still use disposable emails but you have full control over the domain. In case of a data leak, you can still close an emailaddress while not giving your real email

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Lot’s of conversations on the forum today about emails. How you use email is critical to which service you use. One service can be used in multiple ways disposable and long term.
SimpleLogin gives you 10 or 12 email accounts for free and half of those I consider long term and half I use more disposable like. DeleleteMe service also gives you IronVest premium which gives you options for masked credit cards, phone numbers and what seems like unlimited email accounts. Again some accounts are long term and disposable short term for me.
Proton Mail is my primary email account to receive all email but I only send email from Proton Mail to Proton Mail accounts. All other sent email goes out on other services. My DeleteMe account was originally created with a Gmail account! Later switched to SimpleLogin. So all the IronVest emails go through SimpleLogin which goes to Proton.
Choosing a good privacy respecting email that works multiple ways should work for disposable, short term and long term use.


Most should be fine as long as you don’t really put sensitive information through them. I tend to use guerillamail as I can easily use a disposable email without visiting the site first. For example, I can sign up for a service with ilikephallicobjects@grr.la and then head to guerillamail to actually read the email (if I even need to). Amazing for signing up when using free wifi.

i have kinda the same idea though i do not trust simplelogin so i use anonaddy and i do have proton but i switched to tuta some time ago for beign overall better (everything i mentioned i use the free version of)

The free tiers work for me, consider IronVest free as it comes with the DeleteMe service I did and would pay for with out IronVest.
Setting up a new PC now running windows I decided to create a new Proton Account for all things related to just that PC. Finding comfort in what has worked.
I think I am going to duplicate the same effort with another PC, and use Tutanota and Anonaddy just to get the experience.

Just sharing a good read.

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