Discord, PWA or sendboxing?

So here i hear a lot about from.a,few people here using that they are using discord as a PWA to midigate privacy? I am usimg insular to run it nativly on a work profile which one is better?

I am talking about androis usage

Generally PWAs are better. Discord gets a whole less access to system information when used in a browser and you can also block some known tracking URLs if your browser supports it. In my experience Discord on mobile browsers was not really polished but it’s up to you to decide. If the PWA isn’t good enough your setup would be the next best thing.

Or better yet, I soppuse i can just do both and run the pwa inside the sendbox. So how do i create pwa on android 10?

I don’t think Discord has a mobile interface outside of their app, so sandboxing is probably the way to go.
However, with Android’s permissions, how much can Discord really access? I was under the impression that Android and iOS apps were usually pretty locked down unless given permissions that say otherwise. I don’t use my phone for a whole lot, so someone with more experience is needed to comment on that.

Techlore had a video about it for a while

PWA as that would limit the apps ability to gain advertising id, hardware identifiers (battery percentage, free file space etc) thus limiting it’s ability to track me.

Doesnent like there is a way to do so saidly