Discord Moderation

Its been some time for me since I was part of the Discord community so I decided today to create an account and join the Discord server again, I got banned within a minute while reading the rules. You are probably still fighting with trolls, bots, scams, … . But that does not OK, people get encouraged to create more “private” Discord accounts (i know its not really possible but you can at least not give them your information like ip, payment infos and phones numbers) and compartmentalize and if they create a dedicated account to join the server again they just get banned instantly

So, if I understand correctly, you joined the Techlore’s Discord room and while you read the rules, you have been banned but from the Techlore server or from Discord entirely?

As I have never joined the Discord room, I don’t know who has banned you, maybe a bot?

If you were improperly banned this isn’t the place to get support for it. Reach out to our contact page with the details. You’re technically not allowed here either as bans apply to all communities. If it was a mistake then please reach out there.

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