Disable microphone and camera android

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As you are aware, android 12 includes a new feature which allows for the disabling of microphone and camera access with a press of a button.
How do I go about automating this? My first guesses are by using an app such as tasker.

I would like to have my camera and microphone disabled at a certain time of the day. Is this do-able in tasker?

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If I am not mistaken (I could be probably 99%), you need to exploit the system to enable those (I presume it is if you don’t have root). I know apps can’t disable them, so I don’t think enabling is any different.

edit: this whole comment is in the perspective of apps, not users.


I have the options unlocked. I’d just like to be able to automate them without having to swipe to view my quicksettings and toggle them manually everytime.

I use these all the time, but I simply keep them in the notification section where things like Wifi and Airplane mode live. It’s easy access.

I keep my camera blocked. If I open an app the requires my camera (like the camera app) it will show a prompt telling me it’s blocked and let me unblock it from there. Afterwards I just manually block it again.

Not automated, but it’s what I do, lol.

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It might be possible with Device Admin permissions (which Tasker does use for various things), but I highly doubt it. I cannot find any mention of the new toggles in the Device Admin documentation, and the whole Device Admin model is being slowly deprecated. It will most likely require root and a plugin or update to Tasker.

With that said, there is something you can use today (and on older versions of Android all the way down to 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich). That would be the Tasker action App > Camera which will disable the camera via the Device Admin API. This is probably independent of the Quick Settings toggle, so both will have to be in the camera-enabled state for the camera to work. If you wish to use this, I recommend using a Tasker Quick Settings item instead of the system ‘disable camera’ item for convenience.