Diferent browser extensions for diferent websites?

Is there a way to make extensions only work (and be detected) on certain websites? I use extensions to block distracting websites when working of enhancements to certain websites, that arent needed anymore. So if theoy could only “exist” in the correct websites I could reduces my attack surface and figerprint.

Is there a way to do this? Either on Chromium or Firefox

Edit: Since I can’t mark more than one post a solution here is a screencap of the best two alternatives:

The only thing that I can think of that comes close is how you can allow or not allow an extension to pass through to incognito mode.

Does setting up different browser profiles also separate extensions between each profile?

I’ll have to try that. But then I would need a way to change between profiles automatically

Why not use different browsers for specific things?

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i would only be able to sugest firefox and librewolf atm.
as far as i find all chrome based browsers all phonehome somehow agenst your permission

even the two i sugest are not trust worthy with out heavy modding

What I am looking for is a way to do that automatically

The only browser that comes to mind with this (or something similar) feature is Brave.

For your purpose, you’d want “When you click the extension”. As far as I can tell, the extension is disabled when this box is ticked. When you want to use the extension, you click on it, the page refreshes, and it’ll do whatever it’s purpose is. In the case of uBlock, it seems to not block ads, when it’s disabled on a site. Hence, it won’t be discovered.

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I don’t know about an automatic way, the easiest I can think of is pinning the addon tab about:addons in firefox, disabling all of the addons, when you need the addon, switch to the tab and enable it.
You could also bookmark the about:profiles or about:addons tab and then go to the bookmark manager <ctrl+shift+o> then go to the bookmark and add a word to the keyword section so you can easily search for the page using this keyword

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