Did i just find an exposure of AI enabled eavesdrop on phone calls?

Well, I sure think this is worth a note here to see what others think… in short I have a cash paid pixel phone with a cash paid SIM card. Today, I had called a friend , got no answer,. I left no vm. i then texted sayin " hey -name- its me -name"…to this friend of mine…Who is an apple user with his caller block on… ok.

So: he did not get that text message? * It was the first text message from this pixel device to that apple device* …hence it would be a new unrecognized number.

He tried to call me back and I didn’t answer. So I called back 2 hours later and got a hold of him.

So those are the exact details of the interactions between the two devices.

So guess what? When I call him back a few hours later… the caller ID on his telephone said " might be (my name)?


So here’s what I think happened… his Apple device being set on block caller that is not recognized… had intercepted the text and saw that there was a name in it both his name and my name… and then even though he tried to call me back and I didn’t answer and then I called them back later somehow inside of that it looked to be like artificial intelligence had both captured and read that text message… not just metadata, but the data itself… and then somehow formed enough of a decision to automate a response back to my friend with the message on the caller ID “might be (my name)”

I believe what may have happened was that his apple phone " on block unrecognized setting " did intervept the text and the AI worked like i gave witbess above?

I’m very curious to hear what other people think happened if they even have time to think on this question?

I’m sure I could go back and test this again by taking an iPhone with “block unrecognized #” setting turned on and then texting it a number from a new number and then calling it and see what happens?

This sounds like Siri Suggestions to me.

  • Receive calls: If you get an incoming call from an unknown number, Siri lets you know who might be calling—based on phone numbers included in your emails.

This process is done locally with on-device processing.
If Siri in iCloud is enabled this data is synced with End-to-End Encryption using iCloud (even without Advanced Data Protection).

You can turn off Siri Suggestions in Settings > Siri & Search.