Did I cancel a credit card because of know your customer laws?

I had a Capital One card for years. I changed my account contact information, email, phone number. I did not falsify anything and I did not change my mailing address.

I was contacted via email maybe a week later.

I logged on my account, no freeze, no locked out indication, no fraudulent activity.

Maybe I misunderstood the email, so I called as they asked. Verified to talk to a customer rep.

They stonewalled me and claimed that there was no progressing until I used an app and sent front and back of my state issued ID.

I kind of just got upset and claimed that with all that I can see online I do not see any fraudulent activity. Let’s agree that anything I can see is good and anything I can’t see is fraudulent. I meant to say let’s close the account and send me a new card.

This is what happens with other financial institutions.

The customer rep just jumped on saying OK you want to close out the account. I just said sure.

Up until this moment I was almost feeling like this conversation was a scam. She said to close out the account, you need to pay off the balance and she quoted it to the penny. She asked would you like to use your checking account ending in 86. I said yes.

The charge was made to my bank account and I can not access the credit card account. So it is closed.

I wish I did not delete the email. I deleted the email account.

Here is one process to send Capital One your ID.