Desktop Signal going horribly slow? (Windows)

I updated signal desktop to the latest version and it ran perfectly fine for a while but for the last couple of days it has been running really slow and laggy. Anyone has the same problem? Does anyone know a possible fix?

Not without seeing it for myself. Most things can be fixed by reinstalling if it’s seemingly buggy. If a reset doesn’t work, try to read the Signal support docs located here. You can optionally submit it to the Signal devs directly but it will take some time.

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How 'bout you use the web version?

Wait, there is a wbe version? That is awesome!

Edit: I can find it

I dont know if there’s one buuuut im pretty sure there’s a web version somewhere and im just not looking right
Edit: i dont think there’s a web version

There is no Web version as it would be much more susceptible to supply chain attacks than “native” apps are.

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