Delta Chat secure messaging over email

There’s a free, open source secure messaging platform called Delta Chat that I think will be of interest to Techlore readers:

Delta Chat provides a messenger app-like interface for email, and uses GPG encryption to secure messages. It works with any email provider, is under active development, and both mobile and desktop applications are available.

Hmm - interesting. I’m interested in learning more.

Not really sure I get the use-case? IF I use it is my recipient getting a text message or an email or ??? and if they reply (w/o using the Delta app) - what comes back to me?

(update: after watching the video - ( Delta chat is basically providing a message > email front end. )

(Update2: after installing - and trying to setup an account - I am not able to due to Delta Chat not working with Protonmail (due to lack of IMAP in Protonmail). That’s a pretty big ‘miss’

So it’s an email client that looks like a messaging app?

Yes, while simplifying the implementation of OpenPGP encryption.