Deleting Microsoft account help

Some of you may know I have a gmail account that is 25 years old, which I am slowly deleting all associated accounts.
I got to deleting a Microsoft live account which has not been used in, maybe 10 years… Anyway my real name was used. My email address which I m concerned about has not been verified. The phone number was not verified but might be now as I messed up and did a 2FA over SMS.
I have never used Skype or the Xbox account which shows to be associated.

When I look to see what information is in XBox it ask me to sign up or create an account. I stopped.
Skype had my personal information. I went back to live and edited my name. (My initials are not DD).
This is where I feel I messed up. Its early in the morning.
I signed in on my EDC primary phone using Brave and Proton VPN.
I’m going to sign out and sign in on my google phone.

I want to verify if the Skype name changes to my fake new name, Dirk Diggly :laughing: this would be good I think.

Should I edit and delete Skype first if the name change does not change?

I may need to verify my Gmail address in order to change the address, or I can use SMS again.

My goal is to falsify all required fields, change the email address and phone number then close the account deleting the email and phone number.

I am going to try and swap this over to a MySudo number associated with a different Google Pay account funded with a Walmart gift card visa/master card.

Update: Added and verified masked email. In the safety review there is a way to remove or add email address. Found that this email address was first used in 2016, last used in 2018, and the password was last changed in 2020.