DeleteMe: The CA Delete Act (SB 362) Passed the California Legislature Sept 15, 2023

The core provision of the Delete Act is that it will require all data brokers operating in California to register with the new state privacy agency, and provide a single, universal opt-out mechanism for all CA residents.

Regulations are only ever as good as their enforcement mechanisms, and the problem that state privacy agencies are taking on will ultimately require the kind of auditing and active-intervention that the Privacy-as-a-Service industry already does every day.

It would be cool if the data brokers would allow this opt-out from nonresidents of California. Like age verification for your favorite naughty websites because a few states have laws.

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Wait the haram websites have age verification in the US? I didn’t know that. Maybe they should focus on verifying the ages of the actors first because otherwise the FBI might have to take over (they have vast experience running ceepee websites like that)