DeleteMe long term progress

DeleteMe has sent me another Data Report, with out going back and looking at all the reports two repeat offenders keep showing back up. ThatsThem and

Using DeleteMe for at least 2 years I can’t complain of there background service.

I need to add a new address for DeleteMe to monitor. Any suggestions on how I can help them help me. I have added a lot of PII to search maybe reduce my PII to specifically what is still popping up.

One other thing is the total listings viewed on their reports has gone down…

I recently started using delete me. A potential side bonus, though I cannot prove it, seems to be far less spam in all forms including physical junk mail to my house.

Reducing junk mail is a priority to me. My mailing address is not my home address, but the county deed records still leak personal data, that and my home insurance company.
Funny thing just discovered, is my home mailing address is not my 911 address…

Selling the land which is my mailing address in the future so I plan to jump around. Moving my mailing address frequently just for fun.

The property I plan on keeping I am looking at moving into a property trust. Looking at the county deed history you would see that I am the previous owner. Hopefully there will be insignificant reasons a threat would look back in deed history. The owner search option at least would have no results.

New update DeleteMe has done a great job IMO finding the data brokers that I probably could not find. Data brokers with my data jumped from 4 to 19.