Delete techlore forums account

Hi @Jonah
I would like to delete my account

I am sorry to hear that you are leaving, the best way to get your account deleted would be to DM @Jonah.

Hopefully we can welcome you back in the future :heart:


How much does it takes to @Jonah to answer a deletion request? (aproximately)

If @Jonah hasn’t got back to your request I would send another DM to @Jonah & @henry just to make sure that it has been received.

Apparently you can delete your account if you only have 1 or 2 posts. Not sure if this is still the case as what I found was from 2019 and it was on the official Discourse forum, this forum may be slightly different even though it is based on Discourse.

A feature MeWe had that was cool, when you delete your account you delete everything, not sure if there even is a MeWe anymore. Lol