Degoogled and desamsungled Samsung Phone

Hi everyone ! :grinning:
my approach to my privacy is rather important

I currently have a pixel 3 xl with calyx os installed for 1 and a half years. I installed brave, anti tracker of duckduckgo, signal, protonmail, cryptpad, magic earth, no social media etc…

But for several years I’m interested by samsung’s Note. More precisely the 9.
And so I would like to buy a samsung note 9. the problem is that I will lose the privacy I have built.
Is there a way to use the samsung Rom ( to have the functionality of the s-pen ) BUT to remove ( with the root ) the google services and the Samsung stuff ( bloatware, telemetry ) and to install microG ? :thinking:

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Why not just have both in this case? Pixel for personal use and Samsung degoogled for a secondary?
And in terms of the os, best you might do is E/OS since everything will be more enhanced than lineage OS :grinning:

It no longer gets firmware updates. My personal recommendation would be buying a new phone.
There just is one problem with Samsung: Flashing a custom ROM voids warranty and verified boot.

Other than that, two devices for different use cases could make sense and as @privacy_parrot said, E/OS is a decent enough option (securitywise) for most users.

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Weird. Dont know how long its been since pixel 3 was still supported, guess I need a refresher :sweat_smile:
Thanks for the heads up @Raznick.

This February. The 3a’s got their last update a month later.
For more information about until when Pixel phones are supported: Learn when you'll get software updates on Google Pixel phones - Pixel Phone Help

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The thing is, I would like to have only 1 smartphone.
Does the note 9 still receive E/OS updates?

Here is the link for compatible phones.
But yes it is supported and recive updates :grinning:

Wouldn’t buying a new phone be tricky?
Only way I could get around that is if you had the WiFi access and updated the phone, then added a TOR node like VPN and airplane mode once the bootloader is unlocked to get the rest sorted at home for the flashing.
And it even devends on the manufacturing, since some new phones arnt supported with custom Roms to a degree due to being to new.
Rather for second hand and have the other guy do what I need to do before leaving, and cash in hand.

/e/OS is based on Lineage, and does not even support Verified boot so security wise, it’s the worst out there. Somehow they managed to fork a insecure Android ROM and make it more insecure. This is an amazing feat. Give a pat on your shoulders e whatever.

If you have a device unsupported by Graphene, consider Divest OS. It’s nearly not as secure as Graphene and includes privileged extension from Fdroid but has some stuff ported over from Graphene so there you go. All Lineage Devices are supported by Divest.

I would agree, but looking at the device support, my device for example will brick if I try to lock it again.
Something to still look into none the less, so may try to flash a device later and test this out.
Thanks regardless for the OS suggestion.

I looked on the divest os site and the note 9 is not supported. The note 8 is but it does not have verified boot :sweat:

Apart from the verified boot problem ( and the warranty but I don’t care ) is there any way to remove ( with the root ) google services and Samsung stuff ( bloatware, telemetry ) and install microG ?
I would like to keep the official rom
Because the custom rom remove the functionality of the s-pen

You can root and do it, or do it via this method from @iamroot

But I’d be careful in what you remove, you could easily brick your system if you dont know what your removing.
While the S-pen (I actually don’t know how you can use that, it feels like an add-on you would lose in a week) functionality maybe be gone if you custom ROM with another operating system, there’s only so much someone can do to retain what they have with privacy as a luxury.

Again, it would be up to what your willing to do or how much your willing to sacrifice to get a bit of privacy back.

Possibly with ADB. But I don’t think it would work. I’ve wanted to do this in the past but I don’t think there is anyway to keep the s-pen working

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Yes, but it has quite a lot of device support. Obviously better options exist, but are not always an option to install.
I just didn’t know that it was worse than Lineage, that is new information to me.

Well sounds like you should get a Pixel 6(a) and flash Graphene OS on it!

You know what I’ll keep my 3xl pixel for now
I will inform you here if I change my phone
Thank you all of you for your answer ! :grinning: