Decentralized cloud storage services

What is your take on decentralized cloud storage services such as Storj, FileCoin, Sia, etc? I’m just dipping my toes in the world of the decentralized internet; I’d be interested to hear the perspectives of the members of this community on the subject.



Seems kind of pointless imo. The only reason I see is redundancy, but centralized companies already make backups so I don’t know. IPFS exists if it fits your needs though.


I have been operating a storage node for 3 months. It has been a smooth experience and it all seems very legit, I already have the first few tokens in my wallet.


Well Storj is (supposedly) both cheaper and faster than alternatives like AWS or Firebase.

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How fast can it be if most of the time the bottleneck would be your residential upload and download speeds (if not even the node’s upload and download speed because it may be residential or carrying very high load as well). Price wise I won’t say anything as I don’t know but I think the speed as long as its not like 500kb/s is not a major factor when deciding for cloud storage either way.

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You download the file from different places at the same time, similar to torrenting, because for security and privacy, each file is first encrypted and then split into 80 pieces (23 of which are required to obtain the complete file) so I as a node operator only have small pieces of an encrypted file on my drive.

An open source, decentralized, private and secure, fast and comparatively cheap cloud doesnt sound too bad IMO.

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I guess you would use decentralized cloud storage if you were wanting to keep your data, payment information and identity hidden.

Otherwise, go with the information provided by Kleysley and mazer.

Always keep in mind: The cloud is just someone else’s PC. Even if you encrypt your data on it, you never know if it’s stored forever and how soon it can be decrypted.

That’s true, although on Storj your files get chopped into pieces (around 80) and sent to different geographocal locations. No node stores more than one piece at any moment and nodes do not know who a file piece belongs to nor who holds the other pieces.

thoughts on pcloud?