Data transfers EU - USA

A few days ago it happened to me that I shared an article. I “actually” just wanted to draw attention to a changed legal situation and possible problems. So it was more a “for your information” as a “i want a discussion”.

Anyway, someone didn’t like the link. It was about the fact that there is a new data transfer agreement between the EU and the US or that is planned.

But then someone felt so offended by it that I was suddenly asked what the law was about, why Europe wasn’t taking care of it itself. Why we don’t just exclude Google, no one is forcing us. But you want to use Google. To which I replied, actually most people don’t really want to, but I think that Big Tech doesn’t want to lose the European market. Anyway, the person had never heard of the GDPR, didn’t know it was part of IT security and he is employed in IT. But was very upset about this FYI link and I can’t really understand why and why you get so upset about something that you don’t even know exists.

And I am also wondering how many know that the data transfer was not easy to the US the past years and why?

This article, related to the CLOUD Act?

Unless you subscribe to various tech sites, I doubt you’d know anything about it. How sites handle data is a very niche subject, even in the privacy world. People like simple things, like Facebook = Bad. People don’t like, and can’t quite comprehend on how US companies (like Facebook) handles your data, and how quickly they offer it to the US Govt. I also find that the EU is so large, they kind of have a messaging problem. A lot of people in the EU don’t see what the EU does behind the scenes. They know it’s there, and they occasionally see something related to it, but they don’t completely connect all the dots on how it might effect them… Which leads to far left/right groups, that want the country to leave the EU.

@Blurb5778 I doubt you understood the article, it’s not about Facebook handles data or about Websites.