Data scraping connects Mobile Phone and Land (Property)

“Lyn” from The Acre Hub called my old phone number offering to purchase property I own. Getting rid of this old phone number is a slow process as I am waiting until all my accounts which use this number are edited or deleted.

I have to assume county property tax and deed records were scraped for owners and a people search was done for phone numbers. This is not my home address.

I had one utility bill in my name at the property so that could have been a name and number link but I doubt it. I do not use this address for anything.

My intentions from here is to create a Land Trust for anonymity, to assign successor trustee which serves if the trustee dies, resigns, or cannot otherwise serve and the contingent beneficiary or successor beneficiary.

The traditional way for a trust to hold property is by expressly stating the name of the trustee, e.g., “John Jones, Trustee of the 123 Oak Street Trust;” however, it is possible to list the grantee in a deed as only the trust—e.g., the “123 Oak Street Trust”—with no reference to a trustee. Anyone seeking to know who the principals are and what assets they have has their work cut out for them since trust agreements are generally private, unrecorded documents.

Another person is wanting to get electrical power back on this property for recreation and I am willing to put the power in the name of the trust but I don’t think I will have time before they want to.

What is the benefit of using the trust for electrical power, anonymity. The pros and cons of having an associate tied to the property are being considered. Creating an LLC on the property as an RV Park is an option as well.

Any suggestions?