Dashlane password manager open-sourced its Android and iOS apps

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“Open-sourced”. This is much better described as “source-available” IMO. Still a positive step.

I have used Dashlane, and they charge you $40 per year, for a service that costs $10 with Bitwarden.

Dashlane did have slightly better input field detection, and I personally feel that their UI looks cleaner, but I don’t think their product is worth the extra price.

That said, it is good to see they allow source audit of their client.

At least at the moment their advanced plan costs $33 per year instead of $40. But yeah, Bitwarden’s Premium plan is such a great deal at only $10.

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Better to just say “public domain”.

Not all the source code was turned over. Just the iOS and Android clients, as well as MacOS. The Windows client wasn’t disclosed. Henry and Nate discuss this in SR120 (36:12) as well.


They really only have mobile clients and the web apps at this point. The Mac ‘client’ seems to just be a Safari wrapper that hooks into the OS. So I don’t expect them to do anything about MacOS/Windows, since it seems they’re on the PWA + Mobile train