Daily drivers for everyday life

Hey everyone!
I just got my go incognito course and am starting my privacy journey!I am just curious to see what everyone daily drives as a mobile device!

I am excited for this journey! Please give me tips!

thank you :slight_smile:

Welcome, my Daily driver is a Pixel 6 pro. I have a build sheet in the forum.

IMO the Pixel 6 Pro is a good choice for a new to me phone. It is still supported, you can easily get them unlocked Boot and Carrier. Recommended custom ROMs work with the Pixel phones. The price has dropped compared to newer phones to an acceptable amount.
Getting more in depth, the Pro is just a little larger for my primary computer, and the smaller size of the Pixel 6 is not small enough to make a difference. I like the Dual SIM and Dual Standby option.

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