Customized windows

Thoughts …thinking grabing cheap chrome book throwing this on it?

I don’t recommend using any Windows mods like this or AME as they doesn’t get updates so things like Defender doesn’t get updates and will fall out of date and opens up security holes in your system.

Also, you have to trust another third-party to deliver a safe experience to you (no keyloggers, viruses, ransomwares backed in it).

Also, modders are aware that this is illegal to distribute modified versions of Windows. Here’s an article by Chris Titus Tech about that :

By the way, the website you linked says that Bitlocker will not work on this unofficial ISO, this is a shame as encrypting your drive is very important. Even the restore and recovery options will not work.

Also, you have to pay 10 dollars to get this.

If you want a lightweight OS for your cheap Chromebook, pick a Linux distro.

And last thing, is there any security functionnalities that are disabled?

I have not checked our that mod of Windows. In the link above I have Tiny11 on this laptop at work with me today.

As Chris Titus Tech advised these are not idea. I was able to test my machine with Tiny11, so if I can use the Tiny Builder or Privacy Sexy to build a stripped debloated version of Windows it would work on this laptop.

Threat model and use case scenario considered I am not building a daily driver PC. In fact my need is for a specific peripheral, possibly a very old windows 32 bit system running a 32 bit only outdated software.

so better use o*o shutdown and sexy script to debloat it

I prefer using this collection of Microsoft’s documentation about all things privacy and security

By the way, the creator of this collection has a Windows 11 Hardening guide where he says that you shouldn’t use these anti-spying tools like OOShutUp10.