Custom ROM for OPPO A54s (CPH2273)

I am looking for a custom ROM that works for my OPPO A54s. I’ve taken the step to begin my privacy journey and I think getting my phone situation sorted out is a good starting point to dip my toes in. I’m not tech-illiterate, but neither a techpro - So bear with me.

I’ve checked resources like Calyx, Linage and Graphene and their websites, despite offering a wide array of supported phone models, my specific phone model never seems to show up.

I don’t really have a threat model to base my need of, to be honest. I’m a private individual and I prefer to not be spied on. Not to mention the reliance of my colleagues and work environment on privacy hoarding companies.

Hi, welcome to the forum. I’m personally not aware of any custom ROMs for that phone. Though, I find a good place to start is with the XDA forums.

Though, I couldn’t find much useful. The phone appears to not get much community ROM support. For whatever reason, I don’t know why. There was one post which suggested a super generic one, but it’s buggy, and Russian. You might need translation tools, ready. Though, it might not be the best for both privacy and security.

If I was in your shoes, I’d just focus on hardening your current device, with the current ROM. That means using a DNS to block OPPO pings, debloating, and so on.

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Yeah, I found that it’s a nightmare to find something that works. I’ll surely be getting a new phone whenever the finances allow it that supports a custom ROM.

As for hardening and debloating. I currently have it to the bare minimum and run (stock) google apps as their ColorOS is very close to stock android. That said; maybe it’s more of a generic problem that i’m (and I believe others as well) are so used to google being the main driver for our phones it makes it hard to find alternatives.

For example; I can’t seem to find a reliable way to get rid of google homephoning. As all documentations of MicroG I read pertains to costum ROM’s.