Credit Bureau mail/freeze/opt out prescreen

My current home address was not the same address on my credit reports. Credit card offers were mailed to my old address. Just received my first credit card offer at my current address. In my efforts not to receive any USPS mail at this address, my plan is to take action.

Confirming the current address leak as coming from the mortgage on the current address, is a priority.

  • My intentions are:
    • Confirm mailing address as the old address at the mortgage company.
    • Go to the major credit bureau website and remove the mortgage address.
    • Lock down and freeze all I can at those credit bureau.

What I already checked out is

I used my current VPN of choice and Brave on android, to opt out the old address for 5 years. I did not supply my social security number. If I continue to see mail at the old address in the future, more effort will take place.

My decision on not opting out at the new address is I am not wanting to associate my name with the new address. The source of the problem is the credit bureau not the opt out pre screen list.

As always any suggestions are appreciated.

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My original Transunion account was from 2007!! After a couple years of not logging on I found my account was deactivated due to terms of service or something. I kept the account to get notifications if someone attempted to change the log on credentials.

One thing to note is they knew everything about my old account, this is one reason why before an account is closed all PII is falsified which is required. Over time my intention is to build false information related to myself which would lead someone off track. Pushing data brokers to sell beneficial false information.

My reason for creating an account; to request my mortgage address to be removed, (probably won’t happen). Request that my last contract phone number be removed, (might happen). Information gathering (what do they have on me). Lastly to freeze my account. You will get a freeze confirmation email.

As always any suggestions appreciated and a little what to expect if you need to get your information together before you get to work. A password manager, password generator seems obvious in this group.

  • Create a free account at Transunion to:

    • Start a dispute
    • Request a credit report
    • Add, remove or temporarily lift a free credit freeze
    • Add, remove, edit, or renew a fraud alert
    • Remove an incorrect address, telephone number or employment information
    • Add or remove a consumer statement on your credit report
  • Gather information for required fields:

    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Address and Unit Number
    • City
    • State
    • Zip
    • Have you lived here for more than 6 months?
      • Yes No
    • Contact information
    • Email
    • Mobile Number
    • Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY)
    • Last 4 Digits of Social Security Number
      • Later you will need full SS#
        • Please send me helpful tips & news about my service, including special offers from TransUnion and trusted partners!
          • Obviously No

Just a follow up, TransUnion removed my Mortgage address from my credit report. This will probably be reported back by the mortgage company.

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