Creating a private Network withing public town wifi?

I hava house in a town near where I live and I want to smartifyit. The town has a public wifi that doesn’t reach most of the house but I was thing of maybe using it plus a few repaters to create a private network for my house.

Is this a good or bad idea, how do I go on about doing it?

  • Speaking from a privacy and security standpoint that would be very bad as connecting sensitive stuff to a public wifi poses tons of risks I will not be getting into.
    Because even though you’re creating a “private network” for your house the main connection point is still the public router.

However you might be able to get around this by setting up an always-on VPN on the repeater you will be receiving the signal from, I would recommend a paid option for faster bandwidth (at this point just get your own internet subscription)
PS: this is still not as secure as a home network

  • From a practicality standpoint this might also be impractical for a few reasons:
  1. You’re always connected to a VPN which might bottleneck speeds and break some sites.

  2. The wifi being public might have a lot of users connected which will severely affect your usage.

  3. The town might shut down their wifi overnight or for other reasons leaving you without a wifi connection.

  4. Repeaters sometimes don’t work properly

You can always use a 24/7 plugged old/cheap laptop or phone as a repeater and then take it from there. I also know of actual repeater routers you can purchase and set up using the admin panel.

PS: If what you mean by smartify is getting smart or IoT devices then It’s a terrible idea privacy/security wise, although It’s up to you if your threat model is more on the convenient side.

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What do I look for when buying repeater routers? Also how can I set up and old laptop or phone to do that?

I think I will set it up to see how it would work and the decide if the risk is worth it. Thanks for your great reply!

I honestly have no idea, however you surely can ask around at the store. Just make sure you get repeater routers that work with wifi connections and doesn’t require a wired connection to function.

Most laptops I know of come with a built in network hotspot, you can probably find it in the settings, if not there should be some 3rd party apps you can use, or you can always try switching operating systems as some of them do include that option.

Some phones also do include the wifi hotspot option so try searching around for that. If not available you can use a third party app -like Netshare- However setting up the proxy takes a little bit of time to get used to. I’d be happy to help you with that just dm me.
I will link this article for help.

You’re welcome!