Could I use ProtonVPN for streaming services and NextDNS for everything else?

As an example, with my current NextDNS config, I’m unable to watch content on Paramount+(I checked the NextDNS logs, it is directly blocking me from watching the content).

So, would it be a bad idea to just use ProtonVPN for streaming services and NextDNS for everything else?

That way I still get DNS encryption with the VPN while being able to watch streaming content.

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In this scenario is there a reason you would not just use NextDNS for everything?

What advantage does a VPN only for streaming services give you? You must login to use them, so you aren’t really gaining any meaningful privacy from the VPN in this context.

If NextDNS “is directly blocking [anything]” I think the most sensible approach is to:

  1. Check the logs (you already did)
  2. Add the website to your allow list
  3. Report the false positive/breakage to the maintainer of the filterlist that is blocking it.
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The problem is that there’s multiple domains that end up blocked when I try to watch content on Paramount+. It might just be better to switch to a different DNS resolver when I’m watching stuff on there

There must be some reasons why its get blocked. But you can check the logs nor just put it in the allowlist.

You need to disable NextDNS when connecting to ProtonVPN.

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So what about this though?

Check the logs, add the blocked domains into Allowlist


What blocklists are you using? Which blocklist is blocing paramount+?

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I use the default NextDNS blocklist and the Hagezi Multi Pro++ blocklist.

I ended up fixing the problem by going through the blocked domains when I’d try to watch content and put them in the allow list

In general this is a good basic strategy to develop. It is an important part of learning to use a DNS based blocker effectively and with minimal inconvenience.

But adding it to your allowlist is just step 1 of 2. You really should report the breakage to whichever blocklist caused the breakage. Blocklist maintainers really depend on users reporting breakages and false positives, and the quality of blocklists depend on this feedback. And at least in the case of Hagezi, he is very quick to roll out fixes if you bring something to his attention. The NextDNS logs will indicate which list blocked a certain domain.

Finally, I would suggest disabling the NextDNS blocklist, not because it is bad, but because it is redundant if you are using Hagezi Multi Pro++. And using only 1 blocklist will reduce the chance of false positives, breakages, and make troubleshooting easier.

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How do I report a breakage?

In the case of Hagezi’s list, you would open an issue it is pretty straightforward.

But first you’ll want to make sure that this is the list that was blocking the domain that broke paramount+ for you (which you can check in the NextDNS logs)

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