Copy files between Android user profiles


I’m using GrapheneOS and I have lots of different user profiles. I really like how they’re isolated from each other, however I sometimes need to copy a file from one profile to another (e.g. to send an image I took on profile 1 with a messaging app on profile 2).

It only happens rarely and the data to copy is very small (e.g. only one or two images).

When I’m at home I can use my PC and an USB cable.
My current way of doing it outside my home is by using a privacy respecting cloud service. I’m logged in to the cloud app on both profiles.

Since that’s the only thing I use the cloud service for and it’s another account to manage, I’d like to get rid of it. Also I sometimes don’t have an internet connection which in this case completely prevents me from copying a file over.

Is there any better way of doing it, without an account or maybe even localy without network connection? Any idea is appreciated.

One thing you could do is use a USB drive. Use a file manager to transfer your data over, and transfer it back onto your other profile.

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GrapheneOS forums suggest that it isn’t possible to do it directly and offline. You can only do it via local storage medium such as a USB flash drive or other device like a PC, or via cloud.
It could have been possible to use microSD card if Pixels ever had a slot for one :confused:

I am not aware if GrapheneOS user profiles stay enabled when you switch between them, but if they do, you can set up something like an FTP server on the profile that you want to transfer files from, then switch to other profile and connect to that FTP server and download your files. Material Files file manager has this feature.
It’s certainly possible between main and work profile on an average Android, because they both can be active simultaneously.

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thanks for your answer. i already thought about that but it whould be very annoying to carry an usb drive with me all the time only for the rare case of me having to copy something over.

a microsd card would be great for this, yeah.

you can allow or deny if a profile can run in the background.

i will definitely look into the ftp server option, i didnt know that this is possible via a localhost, thanks.

Alternatively you could have a work profile with Shelter, which has a file shuttle function

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the isolation is great, a work profile would defeat the purpose of my profiles to a large extend

it worked with an ftp server. it took quiet long to set it up for 3 profiles in every direction but it works great.

for those interested, i used primitive ftpd for the sftp server and material files for accessing it.

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If you have root, different storages are at data/media/

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