Conflicting location data? Is that effective?

A strategy i tought off a while ago.

I found this app that spoof your location
and that got me thinking. Lets,say my gps ahows im in Sfrica My IP (vpn) saids im in belguim and the phone athenna saids im in the US (or wherever i actually am). wiill that be effective ebough to have someone confused by keeping the infio conflicting?

I am not an expert in this but, I have a feeling that this would make you more unique. All this conflicting information will make you stick out.

If you choose a VPN in one country and make your phones location the same as your VPN that would make you look like you do actually live in the country you have selected therefore, making you less unique.

Ok so what if the changes what if all conflicting locations are in the country?

Whatever your cell connection says you are is where you are because that’s based on triangulation.

Something else to consider is who has access to which piece of information. The government won’t be confused by this. I don’t think your phone manufacturer will be either. Cell service provider knows where you are if your phone is getting connection. The services you’re reaching with a VPN will be fooled by that and most of them don’t need to connect to GPS. Any apps looking at your GPS location that you don’t want to have that should just be turned off from having access.

I guess I don’t think that “scrambling” this information is going to have the confusing effect you’re looking for.

The benefits for GPS spoofing is when you know you have someone looking at the data. If data collection is your concern, blend in with all the devices with GPS off is my thought.