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COPPA 2.0 I’m fine with for the most part. I don’t have much to say about it.

KOSA though I’m not too thrilled about. Besides making it so I have to submit personal data and or documents regarding my age, I can see it using used as justification to hinder frontends like Invidious, Nitter, and any other frontend that makes it possible to view content without an account. As well as this as pointed out in the article by the Verge and in the video:

Digital rights advocates have also suggested that KOSA could prevent LGBTQIA+ teens from finding the resources they may need online without coming out to their parents due to the parental consent requirements of the bill.

This also makes me wonder about how KOSA would work with Fediverse platforms like Mastodon, Kbin, et al, especially instances focused on user privacy.