Company Data Breach

Hello All,

I am writing to inform anyone who may shop (account and retail) at or work for Reliable Parts that your information has been compromised

Reliable parts notified employee’s that we were hit with ransom-ware Sept 9 2021 but claimed that none of our personal data was compromised,

1 month later all employee’s received a letter from an insurance company that covers identity theft up to 1 year.

Reliable Parts USA/CA was hacked by a ransom-ware group undisclosed by Management

Human Resources then stated PERSONAL INFORMATION had been “compromised”.
This included:
First/Last Name
Date of Birth
Financial account information
Phone number
Home address
Customer info collected:
First/Last name
Financial account info
Phone number
Home address
Any information you might give an employer, place of business
No customers have been notified since the beginning and at time of this POST

Personally I have googled my own name and found results that were never there before found on of my job position name and phone number. /


My employer was hit a while back, prior my employment. I limited as much as I could from HR, but I can see now how I could have been better prepared.