Community thoughts on Kicksecure?

Kicksecure is what Whonix is based on yet I havent heard much buzz about it. Anyone recommend it? I see that PG says if youre going to use a Debian based distro then they recommend. Anyone rocking it? I like the idea of Whonix but want nothing to do with TOR is this a good alternative?

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I’ve used it on Qubes OS.

It does a lot of things for you, hardened malloc, kernel runtime guard, apparmor, etc.

It does take up more system resources, but it wasn’t anything crazy, you probably don’t notice it unless you are running a lot of virtual machines.

I stopped using it because it increased the boot time of my qubes by +10 sec, which probably doesn’t matter if you are running traditional Linux, but it’s very annoying in Qubes OS.

It greatly limits the kernels you can use, when I was running it in Debian 11 it would only work with 5.x kernels, I couldn’t use 6.x.

I use Debian as my daily driver but I have been thinking about switching to Kicksecure for a while. From my understanding Kicksecure is basically Debian hardened out of the box.

I still haven’t had yet the time to look further into this. So, I’d be too very interested to hear if anybody is currently using it and what is their overall experience with it.

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