Clear/Delete Notifications

I like to purge and I really want to clear/delete my notifications. The pile up, although small, is bothering me. Would be a nice button to add.

If the button exist, then I’d like it to be more accessible/user friendly to find.

If omitting this button was intentional, I’d like to know the reasoning.

Notifications for…?? this forum? Your emails folder? Other?
In the case of this forum I find clicking my profile ID in the upper right clears the alert flag.

Assuming you’re talking about this forum, there is a “Dismiss All” button on the Notifications page. You can get there by clicking the ‘down-arrow’ button at the bottom of the notification widget.

Here is a direct link to your Notifications page (this will work for you and you alone):

Consider adjusting your notification settings if you feel you are receiving too many, especially the “Notify when liked” setting. You can also enable “Do not disturb” mode for a one-time duration or on a recurring schedule.

Also keep in mind that this forum was not built from the ground-up for Techlore, so almost all the quirks you encounter will have come from upstream Discourse. I am not sure if a plugin exists to add a “Dismiss All” button to the notification widget, but you can certainly tone down your notification settings to have almost no notifications and/or use the method suggested by @Jeff_with_a_D to clear the notification dot with one click.

@anon33963123 Notifications for badges, messages, and such. I like and want theses notifications. I just want the ability to clear out the notification from the widget once read. The “Dismiss All” button essentially just marks them all as read.

Like an email inbox. You can delete emails which just moves them to the delete folder. Decluttering the main inbox.

In this case the inbox is the notification widget.

I see. Yeah, Discourse just doesn’t work that way (a plugin to do what you want may exist though).

Discourse treats the notifications as a permanent archive, so there’s no ‘delete’ button. You can filter by unread in the Notifications page, but the only option I can think of for the notification widget is to use some client-side CSS to hide read notifications.

This CSS will hide all read notifications from the notification widget:

#quick-access-notifications .read {
  display: none;

You can add this custom filter in uBlock Origin to inject that CSS: .read

Hope this helps!

(Dear server admins: Please don’t serve this CSS from the official stylesheets unless you can add a setting for it. I personally prefer to see my historical notifications :slightly_smiling_face:)

Edit: I am an idiot and overcomplicated the filter.

The original filter: .read:style(display: none)

The custom filter for uBO is a great quick fix. Thanks! I prefer to have my notifications clear. I would compare it to inbox zero method for e-mail where you want to have a clear main page–an inbox–when you open your favourite e-mail client. However, I can see how it might not be desirable for everyone. An option would be nice, but I can work with the filter for sure.